ALBELAD ALMUTTAHEDA Company For Trade Vehicles & commercial Agencies Ltd. The ALBELAD ALMUTTAHEDA Company was established in 2011 within the strategic prospect of ZSCO Group and as an implementation of its slogan “confidence of leadership”.
The French giant industrial icon of Renault has announced ALBELAD ALMUTTAHEDA as the official distributer of Renault Cars in Iraq. Since then, ALBELAD ALMUTTAHEDA became the official and exclusive distributor of Renault Cars in Iraq.This was the first official launch of Renault trade mark and its models in Iraq, which added a new stage of brilliance to the glorious history of Renault.
The Vision:
To be a leadership icon of services in the field of automotive through employing international experiences in modern style which enhance the respectful reputation of Renault and the distinguished position of ALBELAD ALMUTTAHEDA in the Iraqi market.
Message: to provide best experience to our customers with exceeding their expectations by understanding market requirements to approach higher level of relationship with them and to reach the loyalty status to the brand of Renault.

Values:We believe in professionalism and integrity in presenting high quality services to our customers to provide the proper circumstance of building loyalty relationship with them.